We love creating beautiful Wordpress websites that support the business goals of our clients. We bring a sharp expertise in marketing, user experience (UX), content organization, design, and technical knowledge to our sites. In short, we know how to make things look good — while still making them usable, too.

We work together to develop, build, and guide our clients to a finished website that they love. Sierra does the graphic design and Mike does the building, coding, and technical wizardry. Kate provides gorgeous, original illustration for clients who want it as part of their design. We make a great team with skills that complement each other well. Our clients repeatedly tell us how much they enjoy working with us.




Mike Chen – WordPress Building
Mike Chen is a freelance marketing and technical writer with an engineering background. Building WordPress websites speaks to his technical and creative sides. He does all the building, coding, and SEOing for our website projects and has never met a technical challenge he couldn’t solve.

Mike enjoys hockey and writing fiction in his spare time and has a weakness for corgis. His freelance writing website is www.mikechenwriting.com.







Sierra Fong – Graphic Design

Sierra Fong designs all Atmosphere sites and runs her own freelance business as a graphic designer and technical writer. She designs everything from brochures to logos to websites. She enjoys working with clients to determine the marketing goals of their website, and then translating those goals into visual language.

Sierra writes fiction and covers La Liga for Football.com. She has a weakness for anything Pantone. Find her at www.sierrafong.com.







Kate Birch – Illustration

Kate Birch studied painting and drawing at the University of Utah and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. Her work is published by Poems Publishing and has been sold by stores including Target, Pier 1, and World Market. Over the years her paintings have been used in feature films and TV shows, such as Glee and 21 Jump Street. She’s still delighted when friends call to tell her that they’re staying in a hotel room with one of her paintings hanging above the bed. Kate began illustrating for the web and fell in love with the flexibility of the medium, and enjoys crafting drawings for clients that help communicate their business. You can visit her at www.katebirch.com.


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