Quick Start Guide to your Wordpress Website

It’s easy to maintain your own WordPress website and blog. We want our clients to feel totally comfortable with their own sites so we’ve put together a short primer for you.

We’re always around for client questions, so send us an email if you get stuck. We are also available for site updates for a small fee if you’re too busy.

This quick start guide covers the following:

  1. Logging Into Your Website
  2. Getting Familiar with WordPress
  3. Blogging
  4. Updating Website Content


1. Logging Into Your Website
Your log in page will be at a URL like this one: www.yousiteURLcom/wp-amin

The “wp-admin” is the important bit there. It’ll take you to a login page. Use the username and password we sent you when your site was finished.


2. Getting Familiar With WordPress
Take a few moments to get familiar with the layout of WordPress and adding pages or blog posts:

a. Learn about what WordPress is and the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com (it matters!) here on our FAQ.

b. Watch this helpful tutorial video that introduces you to the basics of your WordPress site:


3. Blogging
To update your blog, click “Posts” in the left sidebar of your WordPress interface.
You can add new posts here or edit old ones.

Scheduling Posts
On the right sidebar in a post page, you can choose whether to schedule your blog post for later or publish now. To schedule it for later, click “Edit” next to “Publish” and you can choose a date and time. You can even choose a time in the past and the post will show up as already having been published then.


4. Updating Website Content
To update content on your web pages, click “Pages” in the left sidebar of your WordPress interface. Once in a page, make changes, and then click “Update” button on the left side.

Adding a picture
Click the little picture icon and select a picture from your computer to upload.


Adding a link

To create a link to another page, select text you want to make a link, and then click the chain button: