Tamara McClintock Greenberg

tamaragreenbergTamara McClintock Greenberg is a pyschotherapist, educator, and author. Her latest book, When Someone You Love Has a Chronic Illness, had received a great deal of publicity and mainstream market share. With Tamara’s book publicity, it was clear she needed a new website.

Her old website was flash-based and featured outdated graphics. In addition, its structure and content did not allow room for her growing book career, and there was no place to highlight the reviews, interviews, and excerpts for her new book.

Tamara’s website needed to illustrate her practice, her books, her extensive writing, and also her as a person. It necessitated a fresh, new design that echoed the design of her book, but varied in that it more closely matched her as a person.

This was a totally custom site, with custom graphics on all pages.

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