Kathleen Barsotti Nonprofit

Kathleen Barsotti Nonprofit

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We were contacted to design a site for the family behind the Kathleen Barsotti Nonprofit for Sustainable Agriculture, having previously completed work for their main business, which is organic produce farming. The Barsotti Nonprofit honors Kathleen Barsotti, who founded the farm and supported sustainable farming, which her sons and their families continue to honor today through the family business, Farm Fresh To You.

We were asked for a design that reflected the earthy, natural history of the family farm. Our client continues to build out the site, but the design remains one of our most favorites. The nostalgic photography captured the feel well, and Sierra based her design around that photo. It was one of her first designs, and the client loved it.

Site Information:

    • Completed in 2012
    • Built in WordPress
    • Full design and build



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