Dana Alison Levy

Dana Alison Levy

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Dana Levy is a middle grade novelist whose first book will be published in 2014. She had a Blogspot blog but was ready to develop a website that could showcase her talents, books, and news on a broader scale. She turned to us and employed the beautiful illustration of Kate Birch, Atmosphere’s illustrator. Kate worked with Dana’s vision to create a stunning home page illustration. Sierra designed the site around that centerpiece and then took Kate’s illustrative elements to create custom graphics and in some case custom layouts for other pages on the site. Mike put it all together, coding the custom backgrounds and javascripts.

The result is a totally unique website that captures Dana’s humor, personality, and speaks to her varied audiences. As well, the website is the first completed with Kate since joining the Atmosphere team. (She also worked with Sierra and Mike on Kristen Lippert-Martin’s site.)


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“Atmosphere Websites, in the form of Sierra, Kate and Mike, delivered a site that is far beyond my dreams! As a debut children’s book author, I need a site that can serve as my calling card to everyone from editors to booksellers to librarians to readers. Kate began by taking a decidedly un-beautiful sketch I made and turning it into dazzling artwork that somehow was more “me” than anything I came up with myself! Sierra and Mike were inspired and thoughtful, fast and responsive, creative and willing to solve each knotty question or problem I brought up. The result is a site that does everything I need, and does it far more beautifully than I could have imagined. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for great design and great service.”

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