Alison DeCamp

Alison DeCamp

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Alison DeCamp is a middle grade author whose novel,  My Near-Death Adventures, will be published in February 2015. She wanted a website that was whimsical and would support her growing career, past the launch of her debut novel.

The result is a totally custom site that matches the tone of the book, while still being uniquely Alison. 


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After researching author websites I really liked, I chose Mike and Sierra because they were so quick to respond to my questions, immediately put me at ease, and made me feel confident the three of us would come up with a website that I would love. It was a really good decision on my part. The two of them held my hand throughout the process, never made me feel like my (incessant) questions or prodding were a nuisance, and developed a site beyond my dreams. I gave them so little with regard to what I envisioned (mainly a link to Pinterest and preliminary cover art) and they read my mind. The site Sierra designed and Mike implemented is better than I could even have envisioned. I highly recommend them to anyone.