Mira Vista

miravistaMira Vista School, a California K-8 school, had a WordPress-template website for its PTA, but it hadn’t been updated and few people checked it for news or other information. At the same time, it was pretty clear that parents, especially ones new to the school with incoming students, were checking the website, but found it difficult to both navigate and find what they were looking for.

One of the first things we did was to study other websites for schools in the same district. We took elements from many different sites, such as a category for “New to Mira Vista” which would give incoming parents all the answers they needed before starting school. We knew the design had to be eye-catching and bold, and we made sure we took photographs of the architecturally-significant campus on a day when the blue sky was bluest. The other important thing about this website was to highlight Mira Vista’s burgeoning PTA-provided arts and music program, so we created branding and a whole category devoted to band, glee club, art, and dance clubs.

Finally, integration with the school’s already established social media avenues–Facebook and Yahoo groups–was important to establish that the site was being updated regularly. An equally important key was to post often, and show posts on the home page.

Now, parents regularly use the website, and it’s truly a model school site. It’s also a terrific example of the power of WordPress for PTAs–easy to update, allows multiple log ins for different contributors, and flexible so the school can add to its growing programs.

Site Info:

  • Completed in 2012
  • Built in WordPress
  • Full redesign and build
  • Category: non-profits
  • Visit Mira Vista School