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How We Work
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How We Work

After you sign a contract and pay the 50% down payment, here’s what happens:

  1. Mike will install WordPress on your web space and navigating any technical issues.
  2. Sierra begins by discussing with you your goals for the website, and providing guidance where needed. She comes up with a suggested site outline, and then gets to work on the layout and initial design concept.
  3. After you approve the layout and design concept, we build it.
  4. You review the site in beta mode. We made any needed changes
  5. Your site goes live!

When Is Payment Due?

A 50% down payment and your signed contract is required in order for us to begin work. The balance is due within 30 days of final invoice. We send WordPress login info to you once final payment is received.

Rush Fees: We can accommodate rush projects, but in order to do so we need to rearrange other client projects so the price will increase accordingly (but with your approval).


Meetings and Consultations

We know clients usually have a lot of questions, especially if this is your first time launching a major website. We understand it’s a big deal, so we’re always available for questions throughout–and usually after–the process. We currently take meetings by email only right now, which we find helps save time, money, and misunderstandings.


Why Us

-I can get a nice looking template site from a subscription service site. Why should I hire you?
Put simply, in the end, you’ll wind up paying way more — and in doing so, you’ll wind up using a template with limited scalability. Template hosts tend to be month-to-month subscription sites. e charge one time for design/build and we show you how to update/add content, so barring any major design changes down the road, you’re good to go — your only monthly costs are web hosting and domain, which are a fraction of subscription sites. We custom design to your needs and your branding, and we custom build to your feature requests and usability requirements. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but the pros/cons debate really comes down to template design w/ monthly subscription or custom design/build w/ a one-time upfront fee.

-Why are you the best choice?
We like to think that we offer the best of all worlds: personal customer service, technical chops, real-world experience, and a general go-getter attitude. From a practical perspective, we’re small business owners, which means we understand and work with standard business practices. We’ve also studied marketing, color theory, and usability, which means that our websites are more than just pretty pictures — they’re designed that way for a reason to connect with your user. We approach sites with the aim of meeting your site’s goals.

-I found a cheaper web designer. Why should I go with you?
Our rates are definitely competitive, but you’re getting over 25 years of combined marketing, technical, and design experience. We’re professionals, having both spent many years in the corporate environment. Make sure any web designer you engage with has a large portfolio that features a wide variety of work. Also make sure the designer isn’t pushing a certain type of layout on you, like one that’s best suited for tablet viewing or that “looks cool” but actually has little functionality. We listen to what our clients want.

Finally, we know who we’re working with — and who we want to work with. Small businesses, authors, artists– they want something that represents their essence without going over budget. We’re a big fan of supporting a grassroots economic system and we provide a valuable service in that realm.

-What is “design and build”?
We’re a designer and a builder–so you get both professional layout and graphic design, and solid technical implementation of WordPress software and website mechanics.


-If I hire you for design, can I also get a logo and other branding?
Yes! Sierra is a freelance designer and has developed lots of logos and branding programs. She is available for logo and identity projects. She will also ensure a consistent look and feel across all your materials. Logo and branding projects are separate from the web site pricing.

-What is responsive design? Will my WordPress website work on mobile devices?
Most definitely. See here for a larger discussion of this.

-What if I have a design already?
That’s fine, too! You can either have us clean up the design and make it WordPress-ready, or we can use it directly.

-What is usability?
Usability is the practice of making things easy for your website visitor–so that they stay, read what you have to offer, and ideally partake. When you make users work hard to get what they want, they leave–and they don’t come back. We bring 15 years of work in usability and user advocacy to our designs.


Yes! WordPress has many plug-in features to integrate these types of things.

-What features can I have in my site?
See our Features page for a list of our most popular plugins. If you want something and don’t see it there, just ask.

-What about a domain name and web hosting?
You’ll need to sign up for a domain name and web hosting if you don’t already have it. We’ll provide you with a few referrals, only with a little bit about why we like those services. If you already have web hosting, we’ll need to double-check that it supports PHP and MySQL databases (most do).


-What’s so great about WordPress anyway? Isn’t it for blogs?
WordPress was originally conceived as a blogging engine but it grew quite rapidly into something much more powerful. Now, you can call it a Content Management System. There are some limitations to its capabilities but for the purposes of our customers, it can pretty much do anything and everything.

-What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?
WordPress.COM is a free blogging service with limited customizability. You can pay for some access to the code for customizing, but it’s still limited. It’s similar to Blogspot.com.

WordPress.ORG is a free software that you can download. It’s a Content Management System, which is really just nifty terminology to say that it powers your website and/or blog. It’s fully customizable with all sorts of extendable features for multimedia, contact forms, menus, social media sync, and other Web 2.0 goodness.

-Can you do (INSERT RANDOM FEATURE) with WordPress?
Most likely, yes. Check out our Features page, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us.

-What about e-commerce?
There are a number of options for e-commerce depending on what you’re selling and the volume of your inventory. Some of this involves building it directly on your site while other options include third-party vendors. Contact us and we’ll go into more details.

Content/SEO/Other Services

-Whoa. You write marketing copy, too?
We do. We’re not only a designer and builder, but we’re also freelance writers. (Hey, what can we say? We’re multi-talented!) We’ve both been writing copy for over 15 years.

-Can web copy be propagated into brochures and press releases?
In some ways, yes. The general marketing message should be consistent across all of your branding. However, brochures and other print materials have different space concerns, so you may have too much or too little copy to work with. Other materials require a different tone, such as press releases and white papers.

The short answer is: Possibly, but contact us and we’ll discuss.

-What is this SEO I keep hearing about?
SEO is a fancy acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a schmancy way of saying, “Trying to get you to appear on Google search results.” There are many factors involved with SEO, from content to code to links. It’s a bit much to go into right now and it’s constantly evolving, but there are some core tenants we can work with you on. And if you need deeper research and execution, we can do that too.

-I can hire some SEO firm to write my copy. How come they charge ½ of what you do?
Honestly, many SEO firms outsource their copy overseas. If you look at the quality of the writing compared to what we’ve worked on, you’ll notice a stark difference (and a much more proper use of commas and dashes). In some cases, people are cool with this because they just want the articles and links pumped out as fast as possible. In other cases, people get discouraged because they feel the poor grammar reflects on their business. It just depends on what perspective and value you bring to the table.

-What other services can you provide tangential to this?
Sierra is a graphic designer and writer specializing in small business documentation. She can design, write, and edit brochures, advertorials, and other marketing pieces. She can also create a visual branding strategy with logos, color scheme, etc. Mike is a technical and marketing writer and can provide full copywriting and technical writing services, along with SEO research and implementation.

About Us

-Who the heck are you guys?
We’re Mike Chen and Sierra Fong, two freelance writer/designers who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. See our Who We Are page to learn more.

-Give me one random fact about each of you.
Sierra is a huge supporter of the Scottish professional football team Hibernian FC. Mike worked as a bartender at The Phoenix in London’s Cavendish Square during the summer of 2000.

-Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker — evil Sith Lord or manipulated tragic hero?
Sierra: I see both Anakin and Vader as a manipulated tragic hero. Although Anakin’s weakness allows him to fall to the dark side somewhat easily, Vader’s later regrets are what save him. It was obvious he was being held under the Emperor’s evil influence all along. When his regrets allow him to destroy the Emperor, he’s able to take his mask off and look at his son with his own–human–eyes.

Mike: I always saw it as both the Jedi and Palpatine are manipulating Anakin. The Jedi are doing it by constantly telling him no while asking him to spy on Palpatine — they don’t trust him fully (Mace Windu says as much) but they need his power. Palpatine’s manipulations are more subtle. But he basically gets to a point where he must pick one or the other, and only Palpatine claims he can save his wife — it’s the jerks who say no vs. the mentor fellow who says yes. And seriously, if you were married to Natalie Portman, wouldn’t you cut off Samuel L. Jackson’s hand to save her? I would.