Wedding Website: Erin and Dom

We’re pleased to announce that we recently completed a wedding website for a Bay Area couple, Erin and Dominic. This was a super fun project to work on, and the bride and groom are really happy with the outcome.

Erin sent me rough guidelines on what she and her fiance Dominic liked. She sent me some samples of invitations she liked, and I designed the header with their names based on those. She also mentioned some sentimental value in the Golden Gate Bridge and roosters, so I put together a custom illustration based on that, which they loved. It is the kind of thing that could be carried out through all wedding materials: programs, placecards, etc.

I love it when a site comes together so well and the client is happy! Erin and Dominic chose few frills for their site, but they did include a countdown clock to the big day, which is always fun.