Sylvie Kurtz

SylviekurtzSylvie Kurtz is a romance author who had a website for several years, but her webmistress was departing for other opportunities and Sylvie wanted to be able to maintain her website herself. WordPress, she’d heard, was the logical choice for that.

She came to us on recommendation from our client Lorrie Thomson, and after talking with her, it was clear her old website didn’t quite represent who she was and where she wanted to go with her career. Sylvie also had an incredible back catalog of books and some new ebook reissues, so we wanted to highlight her amazing breadth of work.

The result is a totally custom site that puts her books first and foremost, while giving Sylvie the room to grow with writing classes and a new blog.

Site Info:

  • Completed in 2014
  • Designed and built in WordPress
  • Category: author websites
  • Visit Sylvie Kurtz

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Bulling Metal Works

BullingMetalWorksBulling Metal Works had an old site that was build out of images so nothing could be updated. The company was on the verge of moving to a brand-new facility and wanted their web site to reflect the business better.

The result is a custom-designed, fresh site that establishes the service offering, the location, and the breadth of services much better.

 Site Info:

  • Completed in 2013
  • Designed and built in WordPress
  • Category: business websites
  • Visit Bulling Metal Works

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Lorrie Thomson

lorriethomsonLorrie Thomson is an author whose book was scheduled for publication a year out when she contacted us to build her website. She needed a web presence that could grow with her career while establishing her web presence now ahead of publication, and wanted something completely custom that would match both the tone of the novels she writes and her personality. Lorrie, who came to us because she liked another author website we did (Jink Willis), had taken a class in WordPress and website building before and told us that she learned enough to know she didn’t want to do it herself.

Lorrie had this to say about us:

“Sierra and Mike of Atmosphere Design are a website design-and-build dream team. With utmost patience, designer Sierra took the time to get to know me, and together we teased out a vision. Thanks to the efforts of Sierra, and that of site builder/magician Mike, I now have a website that is unique, easy to navigate, and accurately reflects my author brand.

I never tire of hearing how much everyone loves my website. But the best compliment I’ve received so far came from a long-time friend who claimed that the website looked like me. Well done, Sierra and Mike!”

Site Information:

Dana Levy

DanaLevyDana Levy is a middle grade novelist whose first book will be published in 2014. She had a Blogspot blog but was ready to develop a website that could showcase her talents, books, and news on a broader scale. She turned to us and employed the beautiful illustration of Kate Birch, Atmosphere’s illustrator. Kate worked with Dana’s vision to create a stunning home page illustration. Sierra designed the site around that centerpiece and then took Kate’s illustrative elements to create custom graphics and in some case custom layouts for other pages on the site. Mike put it all together, coding the custom backgrounds and javascripts.

The result is a totally unique website that captures Dana’s humor, personality, and speaks to her varied audiences. As well, the website is the first completed with Kate since joining the Atmosphere team. (She also worked with Sierra and Mike on Kristen Lippert-Martin’s site.)

Here’s what Dana had to say about the process:

“Atmosphere Websites, in the form of Sierra, Kate and Mike, delivered a site that is far beyond my dreams! As a debut children’s book author, I need a site that can serve as my calling card to everyone from editors to booksellers to librarians to readers. Kate began by taking a decidedly un-beautiful sketch I made and turning it into dazzling artwork that somehow was more “me” than anything I came up with myself! Sierra and Mike were inspired and thoughtful, fast and responsive, creative and willing to solve each knotty question or problem I brought up. The result is a site that does everything I need, and does it far more beautifully than I could have imagined. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for great design and great service.”



Site Info:

  • Completed in 2013
  • Designed and built in WordPress
  • Category: author websites
  • Visit Dana Alison Levy

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Eventology Weddings


Eventology Weddings is a large, active wedding planning company in the Houston, Texas area. The company has garnered several awards and has a definite sense of style. Owner Kelly Balfour approached us for a new, fresh website that would reflect her growing status in the wedding planning community and wedding industry.

We started with a redesign of her existing logo and took Kelly’s ideas for simplicity and worked over several iterations to turn that vision into a cohesive, balanced site with completely custom graphic design throughout, from the custom-made background pattern to the hand-drawn menu ribbon.

Site Info:

  • Completed in 2013
  • Designed and built in WordPress
  • Category: small business
  • Visit Eventology Weddings

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Davis Schools Foundation

DavisSchoolsDavis Schools Foundation is a nonprofit group that fundraises and awards annual grants to schools in the Davis Joint  Unified School District (DJUSD). Partnering with parents, school staff, and community members, DSF works to help preserve DJUSD’s schools and programs. Their existing website did not reflect a professionalism that is consistent with the work they do, and it didn’t convey a sense of the benefits of donating or the amazing work DSF had been doing.

The Davis Schools Foundation board approached us for an updated look that would reflect their new annual campaign focuses and impart the right tone for the foundation. Sierra directed the board to an appropriate branding pattern and color scheme, and designed the site around the benefits of what DSF grants had given Davis schools.

The result is a fresh, clean look that reflects DSF’s mission and future.

Site Info:

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Romance Writers of America Contemporary Romance Chapter

RWAThe Romance Writers of America (RWA) is a national organization of romance writers with over ten thousand members and about 145 chapters and special interest groups. The Contemporary Romance special interest group (SIG) approached us to help redesign their website, which is home to a major contest, a well-read blog, and SIG membership tools. The original site was outdated and did not reflect the SIG’s growing and evolving identity.

We created a site that took the SIG from ho-hum to va-va-voom and provided new tools for the chapter to use including a chat room and online forum. The result is a site that positions the SIG for greater service to the contemporary romance writers it serves.

Here’s what 2013 president Kimberly Farris had to say about the process:

“Working with Sierra and Mike on the redesign of the Contemporary Romance Chapter’s website was a wonderful experience. They were professional and pleasant at all times. They listened to and addressed any concerns I had. And they answered (my numerous) questions, taking the time to explain anything I didn’t understand and share their insights when I wasn’t sure about a detail or feature. The chapter is very satisfied with our website and would highly recommend Atmosphere Websites.”

Site Info:

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Kristen Lippert-Martin

slider9Kristen Lippert-Martin is a Young Adult author whose book is slated for publication in the fall of 2014 from Egmont US.  To prepare for publication, we created a site that would express her funny, whimsical style–-for both her forthcoming book and also for her career beyond the book. Sierra also knew she wanted to create very custom bits and pieces for her site so that everything had personality. Before we started, Kristen sent Sierra beautiful piece of artwork that is now her centerpiece on her site, which was drawn by artist Kate Jarvik Birch. Sierra designed around that artwork because she knew it was significant personally and professionally for Kristen. She took pieces of it to create custom additional buttons and items.

The result is a site that skyrocketed in views the day it was launched and garnered Kristen rave reviews from other writers, her agent, and her publisher. Both Mike and Sierra were thrilled to create the site for her.

Here’s what Kristen had to say about it:

“I want to thank you guys for building me such a seriously brilliant website! I’ve had so many compliments on how great it looks, and I’m certain it’s become the object of seething jealousy! The thing is, I knew I needed my author site to function as a professional gateway, and I knew Iwanted it to look like ME, but what Atmosphere did was over and above what I expected. You knew just what features to include and thought of things that hadn’t even occurred to me. I especially appreciated all the follow-up when I had questions and the attention to detail to get the site just right—not to mention the way you walked me through the set-up and explained everything clearly so I could maintain the site on my own. Thank you, thank you. I’m so happy!”

Site Info:

San Francisco Mortgage Group

slider11The San Francisco Mortgage Group is a San Francisco-based lending and mortgage company with over twenty years of experience connecting buyers to loans all over California. When we were contacted by president Sean Dwyer, he was struggling with a half-finished website with a company that had promised a functional, user-friendly, visually appealing site, and hadn’t delivered that. We stepped in and took over to design a custom look, plus a brand new logo designed by Sierra, all within an extremely short deadline.

The result is a site that exceeded our client’s expectations and delivers complete online loan applications: something they weren’t able to do before.

Here’s what president Sean Dwyer had to say about us:

“In March of this year I contacted Mike Chen and Sierra Fong through one of their internet postings.  My company was looking for a new website and I was struggling with an existing company that was simply not performing after several months.

Mike was very quick to respond and I was thrilled to find that both he and Sierra offer a wide range of services and that we could complete everything needed with their company alone.  We contracted their services to do a new website, including new written biographies, a new logo and a complete new design.  The process could not have gone any better as they quoted a one month turnaround for the website and they wound up doing much more than the website all before the one month time table.

I have worked with many companies over my 20 year career, but I can say that Mike and Sierra are definitely at the top of the list.  Their communication was outstanding and it alleviated all the concerns I had from the previous company that I had them take over for. I would rate them both as a 10+ to work with.

Our entire staff is very happy with the website and the level of service that Mike and Sierra provided.  We would recommend them to anyone who is looking to setup a website or integrate different features into an existing website.  You will be in good hands with these two!”

Site Info:

Kristi Helvig

slider13We recently completed the design and build of the website for YA author Kristi Helvig. Kristi had a Blogger blog using a standard template and wanted a site that would showcase her personality, the tone of her books, and give her more room for promotion– as well as support her overall writing career. With a book coming out in 2014, now was a good time to begin that project.

Sierra worked with Kristi to develop a look that was both personal to her and also matched the tone of the books she writes. The result is a site that carries a consistent look across her pages. We had no problem moving her large following of blog readers over to her new blog, which isn’t always smooth because it depends on a number of factors. But her site stats showed an uptick in visitors and comments soon after site launch.

Here’s what Kristi had to say about the site:

It was a pleasure to work with Mike and Sierra. Between his technical know-how and her creative designs, they created a website that was perfect for me! They were professional, thorough, and responded to my many, many questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again.


Site Info: