The Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugin Isn’t A Plugin

At Atmosphere, we build WordPress websites — duh, since that’s the name of our domain name. However, one thing that WordPress is NOT the best at is ecommerce.

Dig around enough and you’ll find plenty of ecommerce plugins. The problem is that the overall shopping cart management tends to be clunky. In most cases, we recommend that clients consider outside vendors that allow their cart system to be embedded in a WordPress-powered site.

For example, Ecwid is one of Mike’s favorite picks for ecommerce. Its free service level is strong enough for most small business needs. If you’re shipping hundreds of transactions a month and need robust inventory management, Ecwid does have a higher paid-for service level. However, if you’re able to track things yourself, Ecwid has shipping options, product galleries, taxes, and many more features, all in a simple user interface.

Most importantly, Ecwid works with WordPress in two very critical ways:

1) Through the Ecwid API, a storefront can be embedded in just about site — including permalinks to add to your menu.

2) For design/build teams like ours, its CSS can be modified and updated through its own dashboard (or overridden using the WordPress theme’s CSS), allowing for seamless aesthetic integration.

Curious about ecommerce options for your WordPress website? Contact us with your questions, we’re happy to help.