The Pearl Project Website

I’m excited to announce the completion of a really wonderful venture, the Pearl Project. Mike and I did a full design and build on this. This site launches a new lung cancer awareness project. Did you know there’s a 16% overall 5 year survival rate for lung cancer?? That’s pretty staggering. The Pearl Project aims to bring awareness, especially to women, of a cancer that doesn’t get as much press as other forms of cancer.

The design on this site required meeting a very specific set of requirements. The design needed to be clean and functional–the site must solicit donations, volunteers, and support. But it also needed to inspire hope, be comforting to those who have lost loved ones to lung cancer, and also be feminine.The site also needed to be able to hold its own in a sea of cancer awareness nonprofit websites. As well, our client is making this venture a massive part of her life–perhaps her primary venture. So the site needed to carry weight. This wasn’t a casual awareness effort–this is a full scale deal. Our client, Kristina, was happy with the end result–so happy that she asked me to design the Pearl Project logo too.

The logo was a real labor of love. We based it off a very specific sketch of Kristina’s that matched the Pearl Project’s line of pearl jewelry.

I’m delighted to add this website to my portfolio, because I believe in the importance of lung cancer awareness after designing the site, and I am pleased to support that.


Kathleen Barsotti Foundation

Mike and I recently completed a website that we’re really excited about: the Kathleen Barsotti Non-Profit Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture. Kathleen Barsotti and her family started Capay Valley’s Farm Fresh to You service, an organic, sustainable farm that grows produce for Bay Area delivery.

The site is awaiting further development from the foundation, but the home page and subpages are done. Alas, I didn’t do that beautiful logo, but what I did do was take the client’s directives on color and feel, and turn it into reality. Mike, of course, did the build. We’re both really pleased with the result.

Read more about the project here.