Lorrie Thomson

lorriethomsonLorrie Thomson is an author whose book was scheduled for publication a year out when she contacted us to build her website. She needed a web presence that could grow with her career while establishing her web presence now ahead of publication, and wanted something completely custom that would match both the tone of the novels she writes and her personality. Lorrie, who came to us because she liked another author website we did (Jink Willis), had taken a class in WordPress and website building before and told us that she learned enough to know she didn’t want to do it herself.

Lorrie had this to say about us:

“Sierra and Mike of Atmosphere Design are a website design-and-build dream team. With utmost patience, designer Sierra took the time to get to know me, and together we teased out a vision. Thanks to the efforts of Sierra, and that of site builder/magician Mike, I now have a website that is unique, easy to navigate, and accurately reflects my author brand.

I never tire of hearing how much everyone loves my website. But the best compliment I’ve received so far came from a long-time friend who claimed that the website looked like me. Well done, Sierra and Mike!”

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