Soireebliss Events

soireebliss3Soireebliss Events is a wedding planning service in Houston, Texas. Owner Samantha Darr contacted us because she needed a website overhaul, but also because her original site was built entirely in flash and she couldn’t update it. At the same time, she was in the middle of a logo design project, and she contracted with Sierra to design a new logo for the business. Once the logo was complete, Sierra and Mike got to work on the website. Apart from the design and structure, all of which was very particular to the industry and the business, one of the biggest and most complicated jobs was the organization and creation of the company’s Lookbook gallery, which showcases all the different weddings Soireebliss has produced–and they had a lot!

In addition to the large amount of content, almost every page on the site has a customized graphic or header, whether for client logo in or joining a mailing list. For each graphic, Sierra created a hierarchy so that buttons had a distinctly different look and feel than headers and subheaders. The Soireebliss website is one of the most custom, detailed sites we’ve ever done.

Everything about this site was custom done, right down to the pattern in the background.

Site Info:

  • Completed in 2012
  • Designed and built in WordPress
  • Category: small business and custom wedding websites

Here’s the original site:originalsoireebliss