Kristi Helvig

slider13We recently completed the design and build of the website for YA author Kristi Helvig. Kristi had a Blogger blog using a standard template and wanted a site that would showcase her personality, the tone of her books, and give her more room for promotion– as well as support her overall writing career. With a book coming out in 2014, now was a good time to begin that project.

Sierra worked with Kristi to develop a look that was both personal to her and also matched the tone of the books she writes. The result is a site that carries a consistent look across her pages. We had no problem moving her large following of blog readers over to her new blog, which isn’t always smooth because it depends on a number of factors. But her site stats showed an uptick in visitors and comments soon after site launch.

Here’s what Kristi had to say about the site:

It was a pleasure to work with Mike and Sierra. Between his technical know-how and her creative designs, they created a website that was perfect for me! They were professional, thorough, and responded to my many, many questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again.


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